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In 2017, Aarhus was European Capital of Culture and the 18 municipalities in the Central Danish Region were involved in the project. Sustainability was one of the event’s three core values. Aarhus 2017 aimed to use sustainability to inspire and motivate cultural organisations and other capitals of culture. As a result, Aarhus 2017 entered into a partnership with WorldPerfect, where we acted as sustainability operators and strategic partner to Aarhus 2017.

In light of our role as operator and strategic partner, we have developed Aarhus Sustainability Model (ASM) in collaboration with Samsø Energiakademi. ASM is a tool that assists cultural projects and individuals in moving towards a sustainable transition. Specifically, the model presents an array of possible solutions within the following areas:

1. Food & Beverages
2. Daily Operations & Mobility
3. Architecture & Physical Framework
4. Communication & Behaviour 

ASM also includes a stair case model, which cultural projects and managers can use as a tool in managing their sustainable transition.

The ASM model is also meant to be used as inspiration and to motivate people to think in terms of new innovative and sustainable solutions. Our role also consists of hosting workshops and presentations about sustainability as a dogma of innovation. The presentations also advise on how to use sustainability as a strategic instrument in cultural events. We have recently, with great success, given presentations in both Brussels and Torino about Aarhus’ experiences as Capital of Culture 2017.

Read more about the case on their website.

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