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The large waste collection in Aarhus has had its challenges – many residents do not know about it and you often see islands of abandoned bulky refuse, which can be an irritation for some. On the other hand, some residents see these bulky refuse islands as a natural resource and it is therefore quite normal for people to take things they can use in their own home. This is fine from an environmental point of view as it minimizes waste but it is unfortunately illegal. REUSE is an experiment to change this and to turn one man’s problem into another man’s solution.


REUSE is the next-generation recycling station in the heart of Aarhus. Here, large waste items from the streets of Aarhus arrive, are sorted, and all residents are welcome to come and take whatever they want. There are bikes, an entire container full of kitchen equipment, lots of toys, old windows and much, much more. WorldPerfect has developed the concept for and in collaboration with AffaldVarme Aarhus. We have led the process from the first neighbourhood meeting through to concept development and the opening of the site.

REUSE, everything is free. You can even borrow a cargo bike to transport your new items home. And it is all carried out with precise and easy to understand communication: one man’s trash, another man’s treasure.

The concept of REUSE is today finely-tuned because it is the result of long and thorough process. It all started with a big, fat worm, called StoreÅrm, that ate bulky refuse left on the streets of Aarhus (yes, you read correctly). A few years later we set up Il Gruppo Resurso, a youth think tank, that worked for AffaldVarme with the aim of changing the way we think of waste. The talented, young thinkers polished the REUSE concept, which at that stage was still a rough draft, and together with AffaldVarme Aarhus, they developed the concept of REUSE that we see today.

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