The city of Aarhus is going to start sorting a larger share of its waste for recycling. This will be initiated during the next few years when the network of underground waste containers will be expanded. Read more at The narrow streets of the Latin Quarter of Aarhus proved to be a particular challenge as there is neither space for underground containers nor large bin lorries. There is also a large communications task associated with involving local residents because when you require the public to make an extra effort, you have to justify and explain it properly.


Genbrugsvognen eThe “Recycling Wagon” is a tailor-made solution for the collection of recyclable waste in Aarhus’ Latin Quarter. A solution that WorldPerfect has developed for and with  AffaldVarme Aarhus. WorldPerfect has let the process all the way from the initial concept development through to the final evaluation.

The Latin Quarter is special place and a special place requires a unique solution. The architecture and aesthetics of the neighbourhood make the placing of the current solution - a set of large plastic containers - unsuitable. However, the large plastic containers have the advantage of fitting in with current emptying system, so the solution we are looking for must be both aesthetically pleasing and at the same time link up to the normal containers.

The first thing we did was hold a concept development workshop, where we invited a number of local top guns with odd minds and greasy fingers (architects, an inventor, anthropologists etc.) to develop four semi-complete mock ups. After this we were able to discuss the mock-ups in depth with AffaldVarme and choose the best.

Parallel to this process we found a group of local residents through our collaboration with
Mejlgade Lab who could represent a target group for the Recycling Wagon. We have involved the group in a series of local workshops and online communication.

Center for Rumteknik completed the design of the wagon and WorldPerfect formulated the communication for use on and around the wagon. There was a desire amongst the locals involved to be able to follow the project closely so for this reason we communicate each week the amount of rubbish collected on an A-frame in the street. Finally, we have also made an instructions manual for recycling, an information letter for residents and assisted with PR for the project.

As Climate, Energy and Building spokesman for the Social Democrats, Jens Joel, said at the opening:“The fine words and the objectives laid out by Parliament are being translated into reality by the sharpest, sustainable minds at MejlgadeLab, WorldPerfect, the municipality and residents of Aarhus. Thankyou!”

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