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Miljøteam is a waste collection company based in Lystrup just outside of Aarhus. Since 2000, the business has worked to minimise their environmental and climate impact by focusing on cleaner production. A few years ago, Miljøteam decided to develop a sustainable business strategy, which could lead to new business opportunities and further reduce the environmental footprint of their business.


In 2013, we started a partnership with Miljøteam and Northside in order to develop a waste sorting system that would work for both smaller and larger events. We involved designers and architects in the designing of the waste bins, whilst we worked on the visual identity and communication. We were able to test the prototypes out on visitors at SPOT festival. This process resulted in the development of the Rebox system, which consists of custom-made rubbish bins, which clearly communicate, both visually and verbally, which items should be thrown out where.

In addition to the physical bins that promote recycling, Rebox fits in with current waste collection agreements, which ensures a high level of reusability and a good sales price. The Rebox bins were put into production in the Spring of 2015 and have already visited various events around the country during the course of the summer, such as SmukFest, Nibe Festival and Northside Festival.

The development of the Rebox waste sorting system resulted in a more long-term strategic partnership with Miljøteam. As a strategic partner, WorldPerfect collaborates in developing their green business strategy and in implementing a new mindset throughout the organization.

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