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Mogens Hansen is an Aarhus-based business with a proud tradition of designing and producing top quality handmade furniture. The business has existed since 1961 and works with the highest levels of craftsmanship. Following a period of low growth and too few orders, Mogens Hansen wanted to renew themselves and generate new perspectives, new energy and renewed growth.


In 2013, WorldPerfect teamed up with Mogens Hansen to implement a sustainable business strategy and development plan. We started by developing a new, sustainable furniture product line, where all furniture is certified with the Nordic Ecolabel (Svanemærket).

In addition, we also developed a takeback system, mainly for ‘business to business’ sales, as this typically is where furniture experiences most wear and tear. The takeback system is meant to encourage a circular economy mindset in the firm’s processes and designs, but also to ensure greater recycling within the company. In addition, we created an up-to-date communication strategy with Mogens Hansen, providing them with a new and stronger focus on the best possible branding of Mogens Hansen.

In addition to the furniture product line, we developed a 2020-strategy with Mogens Hansen. The strategy entails a series of milestones and sub-goals designed to gradually make the business more sustainable. This process ensures the sustainable transition of all aspects of the company. Our partnership with Mogens Hansen continues, and together we are creating a thoroughly sustainable furniture business with its entire production based in Denmark.

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