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NorthSide is a music festival in Aarhus that has been held since 2010. The people behind NorthSide wanted to rethink the festival concept and find a unique identity and set of values, which could add a new dimension to the traditional festival format and at the same time provide this new festival with a clear brand. How do you rethink a festival? Can sustainability, music and a whole bunch of people go hand in hand?

We have played an active role in solving this challenge since the beginning of this festival where we partnered with NorthSide in order to develop a sustainable festival concept. This was the first step in a new chapter in the history of NorthSide, where sustainability became one of the festival’s core values. 

Back then, we started the process by inviting managers, staff and guests to participate in workshops about sustainability. These workshops were the framework for the development of a strategic tool, the beginnings of sustainability strategy, which could help NorthSide make decisions that would highlight its sustainable profile.

Taking lead from this sustainability strategy we developed a series of sustainable initiatives and steps such as setting a minimum requirement for the share of organic food sold, making bicycle parking available and offering repairs to festivalgoers, sorting 16 different categories of waste and setting up a deposit system on beer jugs, shots tubes, cigarette butts etc. The latest addition to the project is to implement the Rebox waste sorting system, which requires guests to sort waste into six categories at the festival site.

In collaboration with NorthSide, we continue to develop the festival in a green direction. As a result of repeat requests from NorthSide and WorldPerfect, Tuborg produced its first ever organic beer in 2014. The beer sold out at NS14.

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